Sunday Messages


June 12, 2022: “Get Real” Phillip A. Ross:

Joe Vasarhelyi

“Climbing Higher To See” (10/30/2016) Climbing Higher To See

Pastor Phil

“Who Are We?” (7/5/2020) Who Are We?

“Unity” (7/5/2020) Unity

“Beyond Reproach” (7/20/2019) Beyond Reproach 

“Spit & Dirt” (06/02/2019) Spit & Dirt 

“Real Vival” (03/25/2018) Real Vival

“Reassure Us” (03/25/2018) Reassure Us

“Expectations” (03/19/2017) Expectations

“Behold” (03/05/2017) Behold

“Suffering” (02/19/2017) Suffering

“The Perfect Temple” (02/19/2017) The Perfect Temple

“He Helps” (02/12/2017) He Helps

“Blessed Be” (01/29/2017) Blessed Be

“Darkness Dispelled” (01/01/2017) Darkness Dispelled

“The Vulnerable God” (12/11/2016) The Vulnerable God

“The Omnipotent God” (12/04/2016) The Omnipotent God

“Unity in Christ” (11/20/2016) Unity in Christ
Mitosis video:

“Leadership: Characteristics” (10/16/2016) Leadership: Characteristics

“Leadership: Qualities” (9/25/2016) Leadership: Qualities

“Leadership: Aspiration” (9/18/2016) Leadership: Aspiration

“Vision, Purpose, Mission” (9/11/2016) Vision, Purpose, Mission

“Tithe, Talent, Treasure” (9/4/2016) Tithe, Talent, Treasure

“Oversight” (8/21/2016) Oversight

“What is an Evangelical?” (7/10/2016) What is an Evangelical

“Beginning Again” (1-10-16) PAR_Beginning Again_002PAR_Beginning Again_003

What, Me Worry? (2012) – What-Me-Worry

Do What? (2012) – Do What?

Rev. Jim Barnes, National Minister of the EARCCC, 2009

 Evangelical Association of Reformed and Congregational Christian Churches.

Hope Does Not Disappoint – Jim Barnes

Kirk Wilson – MOV Young Life

“Healing The Paralyltic” (11/27/2016) Healing The Paralytic

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