Quarantine Music 2020

Carolyn Becker

IMG_20150823_100115417_HDR When He Was on the Cross, I Was on His Mind – When He Was on the Cross, I was on His mind
Calvary is the Reason Why –CB_Calvary is the reason why
The Love of God-CB_Special_ The Love of God
Walking Through Bethlehem-CB_Song
Who Am I –CB_Who Am I
Song and Poem – CB Song_001
Special Music (5-10-15) – Mothers Day Song
Ten Thousand Years – CB_Ten Thousand Years
There is a River – There is A River_CB
That’s What I’ll Be Willing to Do – CB_SONG_Thats what I’ll be willing to do
Advent Season Solo – Advent SongCB
Mary, Sweet Mary – CB_Mary Sweet Mary
Let There Be Peace – CB_SONG_Let There Be Peace on Earth
I Will Follow Thee-Song_CB_I will follow Thee
Love Lifted Me (Duet) Carolyn & Beverly – SONG_Love Lifted Me_Carolyn Becker & Beverly Stacy_001
Special Music Selection – SONG_CB_Special
You Raise Me Up – CB_Song_U raise me up
An Advent Song – Advent Song CB 2012

 Young-Mi Pruden

Special Music (5-1-16) –Yong-Mi Pruden_Special
Benediction – Young-Mi Pruden_Benediction

 Becky Long

Who Am I –Song_BL_Who Am I
By His Wounds- By His Wounds_BL_Song
Song_BL_The Voice of Truth

St. Paul’s Special Events Choir

In Times Like These – In Times Like These
Alleiulla – Song_SEC_Alleillua
Advent Music 2 – SEC Advent Song Wk 2
Advent Music 4 – Special Events Choir Advent 4 2011

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