Sermon 3/24/2024: “Gospel Policy

Listen here: “Gospel Policy

Isaiah 50:4-9; John 12:12-16

  • Isaiah said that he could “hear as those who are taught” (v. 4).
  • If you are being taught something, the voice doing the teaching is not your own—and yet when you are thinking, it is!
  • Isaiah said that the “Lord God has opened my ear” (v. 5).
    • Jesus often speaks of those who have “ears to hear” at the end of a difficult saying or parable (Matthew 11:15; Mark 4:9, 23). what does He mean?
  • Isaiah found that he was able to hear or understand things that were unpopular, things that would cause him to be persecuted for, if he shared them.
    • Yet, he was compelled to speak the truth in spite of the fact that doing so would bring him harm.
    • He knew that the truth would ultimately prevail. It always does, though it usually takes longer that we expect.
    • Today we understand Isaiah to have prefigured the suffering of Jesus Christ during Holy Week.

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