Sermon 9/3/2023: “Hearts On Fire”

Listen Here: “Hearts On Fire

  • Within the larger story, the burning bush has no other purpose, no other function. And our continued curiosity about it is a distraction/digression from the larger story.
  • If you don’t accept the burning bush as part of the story, you will not get the point of the story.
  • The larger story is that God called Moses for a purpose. God was giving Moses a job.
    • The call of Moses is good news for Israel. Moses received the call of the gospel, the good news of God for the world. As such, Moses was an evangelical.
  • This fact is part of the story of the evangelical catholic church, catholic means universal. So when we talk about the evangelical catholic church we mean that the evangel, the good news of God, applies to all people universally.

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