Sermon 8/27/2023: “Worship”

Listen Here: “Worship

  • Worship is how you play out your story with Jesus Christ. Worship is not just what happens here on Sunday mornings.
    • Worship is what you do with your life, what you make of your time with Jesus.
    • What we do here on Sunday mornings is practice. What we do here is review and drill, like an army learning to march, learning to work together.
  • We are not to ask God for special treatment. We are not to think that God holds us in special esteem, because thinking this way feeds our ego. It makes us feel more important than we are. We tend to think that if we are special to God, we should be special to everyone else—and that feeds our pride.
  • We are not special. Our relationship with God should not be special; it should be normal, ordinary, regular, common. Why?
  • Justice means treating people the same, not giving some people special privileges, but giving special privileges to no one. That’s what it means to be fair.

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