Sermon 7/30/2023: “Wisdom”

Listen here: “Wisdom

  • Solomon began well. Or did he? Let’s look at the context:
  • The story of how Solomon succeeded David on the throne of Israel is fraught with intrigue.
  • Solomon asked for wisdom, after he married a non-Hebrew, in violation of God’s word.
  • God, being gracious, gave him what he asked for. Note: God gave Solomon what he wanted: the ability to discern good and evil for himself.
  • This should remind us of a similar story in Gen 3: Eve thought that eating the forbidden fruit would give her the ability to discern good and evil for herself
  • So God made Solomon the wisest person in the world. No one has had wisdom like Solomon.
    • But what kind of wisdom did Solomon have? He had worldly wisdom, and he used that wisdom to expand his kingdom.
    • Worldly wisdom is real wisdom. He expanded the kingdom, which was what God wanted at that time. Worldly wisdom works in the world.
  • Today the world stands on the brink of the establishment of what I will call “super wisdom:” AI, Artificial Intelligence.

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