Sermon 6/4/2023: “Trio”

Listen Here: “Trio

  • The beginning of a thing is important because it is the seed or DNA of the thing. Over time the seed becomes the plant full grown. In the seed are the essential characteristics of the plant.
  • So it is with humanity. “26 Then God said, “Let us make man/humanity in our image, after our likeness.
  • The Trinitarian God created a trinitarian people to exist in a trinitarian world. Trinitarianism is foundational to the human genome. It mostly goes unrecognized.
    • Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Notice the idea of reproduction. The Father has a Son, the Son has a Father.
    • What’s missing? The woman, the mother.
    • The woman, the mother. The Bible is written in male dominated language, but it is actually a feminine story. Humanity (symbolically female) has been impregnated by the Holy Spirit (symbolically male).

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