Sermon 5/7/2023: “Growing Pains”

Listen Here: “Growing Pains

  • Over the past couple hundred years or so Christians have focused on revival and the importance of being born again in Christ. And without a doubt Christian regeneration is foundational.
    • Every Christian is born again in Christ. If the Christian walk doesn’t start there, it doesn’t start at all.
    • All of this is true and good and helpful. But there is a problem. Churches everywhere are not doing very well today.
  • There’s a call for revival today, and it’s good, true, needed, etc. But there’s a problem.
  • The coming of Jesus Christ was supposed to bring an end to the need for revival because Jesus would continually be with His people, leading, guiding, and teaching them all things.
    • Jesus Christ provided a significant theological improvement.
    • Revivals tend to point people to back rather than forward, back to a childlike repentance of sin, which is a good thing for new Christians. But children that don’t grow and mature are a problem.

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