Sermon 5/28/2023: “1+1+1=1”

Listen Here: “1+1+1=1

  • The Holy Spirit worked in fits and starts in the Old Testament, falling on various priests and prophets on occasion.
  • After the birth, life, death, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus the Holy Spirit broke in to the various languages of the world (Acts 2), and begins to move into every nation (people group) in the name of Jesus Christ.
    • This process involves speaking the gospel truly in one’s own native language, and providing various gifts for Christians, gifts used by the Holy Spirit to advance the gospel.
    • Prior to this time if you wanted to know about God, you needed to speak and read Hebrew because that was God’s language. But with Pentecost God broke free from the Hebrew language and moved into all of the languages of the world in order to bring all people to salvation in Christ.
    • God is working to save humanity from itself, to save the human genome.

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