Sermon 4/9/2023: “The Offense of the Cross”

Listen Here: “The Offense of the Cross

  • Everything is changed (is changing) by the resurrection of Jesus Christ. His resurrection is an historical fact, and history matters.
  • It’s not simply that believers go to heaven. That’s not the good news! Yes, it’s true, but the story about heaven is not about what happens on earth.
  • The good news of the gospel is “on earth as it is in heaven.” The good news of the gospel is that God is bringing the kingdom of heaven to earth. The good news of the gospel is that life on earth is being reconciled, renewed, regenerated, reconfigured in the light of Christ’s resurrection. Here and now!
  • The good news is not that Christians get to escape this troubled earth when we die, but that Christians have been empowered to live in the midst of Christ’s reconciliation, in the midst of the renewal of His people here on earth.
  • Christians are regenerated in the image of Christ, reconfigured to live here with Christ here on earth in peace and glory.

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