Sermon 3/26/2023: Offensive Maneuvers: In Christ

Listen here: “Offensive Maneuvers: In Christ

Ezekiel 37:1-14; Romans 8:6-11

  • God gave Ezekiel the vision of dry bones as sign, a hope.
    • Note that it is a sign of national, social, or corporate renewal, not simply personal, individual regeneration.
    • Social renewal includes personal regeneration, but personal renewal doesn’t always apply to the larger society.
    • To be effective, both are required. This is our need today.
  • Note also that believers “belong to” Christ. It’s not that we have Jesus in our hearts (although we do). Rather, the emphasis is that we are in Christ, not that Christ is in us (although He is).
    • The emphasis here suggests that we serve Christ. He doesn’t serve us. We are to do His will, rather than Christ helping us to do our own will. We are to do what He wants; He is not to help us do what we want.
    • The difference is both subtle and profound.

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