Sermon 2/26/2023: Offensive Maneuvers: Redemption

Listen Here: “Offensive Maneuvers: Redemption

  • The “one to come,” Jesus Christ, is often referred to as the second Adam, also the federal head. He is the new prototype. The new humanity in Christ would be modeled on Jesus Christ. He models human righteousness.
  • I’ve talked about these as homosapien and homochristos, where Adam was homosapien and Jesus is homochristos.
    • Adam was the first creation of humanity; Jesus Christ is the second creation of humanity. In Christ humanity is reborn, not just individuals, but humanity as a whole, a new prototype.
    • Jesus Christ is superior to Adam. Our world is trying to obscure this fact by emphasizing that all people are equal.
  • And, of course, there is a sense in which all people are equal, but all people are not the same. The idea of human equality is a biblical idea that is promoted by Christianity. But when it is divorced from Christianity, it becomes monstrously flawed.

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