Sermon 2/12/23, “Willing Obedience”:

Listen here: “Willing Obedience

  • God’s grace is freely given. But when it is accepted, there are costs and responsibilities associated with it.
    • It’s like giving your 16 year old a car for his/her birthday. The car is free, but getting a license will take time and effort, then there’s insurance, gas, maintenance, etc.
    • Getting the car required nothing, but using it requires time, money, and effort.
  • Wisdom and folly are not a function of intelligence. Intelligence does not make one wise or foolish.
    • People can be smart as a whip and still be as foolish as a doorknob, to mix metaphors. Similarly, people without education can be wise beyond measure.
    • God gives wisdom and folly as a choice, a personal decision. We can choose one or the other. Wisdom comes from God.
    • Notice that it’s the same choice that was given in Deuteronomy: life/death, good/evil, wisdom/foolishness.

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