Sermon 12/17/2023: “Apocalypse: Worthy”

Listen Here: “Apocalypse: Worthy

Isaiah 61:1-4; Isaiah 61:8-11; John 1:19-28

  • God’s message was aimed at the poor, the weak, the hurting, the broken people of the world. Why aim at the poor? Why not aim at the rich, after all they would be much more able to accomplish things, to insure the success of Christianity.
  • The rich could institute God’s program and get the proverbial ball rolling much more effectively than the poor. Wouldn’t the rich be more worthy of God’s blessing than the poor?
  • God’s forgiveness, God’s mercy does not trump His justice. God’s justice must be maintained. The integrity of God’s law cannot be broken.
  • This is the message that John the Baptist brought to ancient Israel.

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