Sermon 10/8/2023: “God Can”

Listen here: “God Can

Philippians 3:4-14; Matthew 21:33-46

  • In the third chapter of Philippians Paul discusses righteousness through faith in Christ, as opposed to righteousness through obedience to the law.
    • This is the central issue that Christianity has with Judaism. It is the faith vs. works issue that motivated Martin Luther to reexamine his training as a Roman Catholic priest.
    • Luther determined that his training regarding righteousness through obedience to the law was a serious error, and that Jesus had come to correct that error.
    • It was the issue that created the Protestant or Evangelical churches.
  • The issue that we are looking at is whether God changes people or not.
  • Addressing this concern, Paul reviews his own history, his qualifications as a believer in God.

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