Sermon 10/15/2023: “Changing God’s Mind”

Listen here: “Changing God’s Mind

  • Moses argued with God to get God to change His mind, that it would benefit God to work with them, as He had already promised Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob/Israel that he would do. Moses argued that God needed to keep His word.
    • That’s a bold argument!
    • Moses was saying that he (Moses) would continue to work with the people, but that he would need God’s help, that the people needed God’s help.
  • Paul was writing to the church at Philippi because Euodia and Synteche were at odds with each other. It is likely the disagreement was a public one, due to the fact that Paul had heard about it, even though he was currently in a Roman prison.
  • Two women fighting in this manner would have put the unity of the believers at Philippi in jeopardy, so it was important for Paul to address the bickering in his letter to the church.
    • The women were not being good examples of the Christian way of life, and Paul needed to address the issue.

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