Sermon 2/19/2023: Transition

Listen Here: “Transition

  • Jesus’ transformation had something to do with a change from one role to the other, from the human side of His mediation to His divine side.
  • As Mediator (someone who reconciles differences between disputants), He needed to be available to and to talk to and to represent both parties of the dispute.
  • The traditional understanding of the transfiguration is that that was when God gave Jesus complete authority, an authority greater than Moses and Elijah, greater than the law and the prophets.
  • Jesus is far more important, valuable, interesting, authoritative than the law and the prophets.
  • So what actually happened? I have no idea! It remains a mystery. All we have is the story, and the ongoing presence of the Lord, still today.
  • Whatever happened, I can assure you that it was true. It actually happened.

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