Sermon 07/09/23: “Do Or Do Not”

Listen here: “Do Or Do Not”

  • Everything we do is connected to our wants. We are a free people, free to pursue our own happiness.
  • Another way to say this is: we are who we are because of our own decisions.
  • Understanding the centrality of wants — or goals, expectations, dreams, values, yearnings, ambitions, intentions, hankerings, objectives, targets, hopes, aims, longings, attitudes — will help you get more of what you want. It will also help you understand those times you might be perplexed because you did something you thought you didn’t want to do.
    • A problem arises because our wants have consequences, and we don’t always want the consequences.
  • And here is the good news: I now know that I am a slave to sin because I have seen that God’s law is holy and righteous and good (v. 12), in contrast with the consequence.
  • The prelude to the good news is that God’s law has revealed to me that I am not in compliance with God’s law.
  • And further, I am not able to live in compliance with God’s law. He was speaking about the history of the Jewish nation.
  • Their history (OT) showed two things: 1) God gave them the law, and 2) they were not able to abide by it. They tried for thousands of years, to no avail.

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