Sermon 01/15/2023: What Do You Want?

Listen Here: “What Do You Want?

The story of Jesus is essentially a revival story. But the purpose of Jesus was to put an end to the boom and bust of OT revivalism. Jesus Christ is the final revelation of God The boom and bust of OT revivalism was ended with Jesus Christ. The stories of the OT prophets is the story of revivals: The religious establishment and the people grow corrupt, and the prophets call them back to faithfulness. Over and over again.

Faithlessness leads to revival. Christ came to put an end to faithlessness. The purpose of God’s Messiah was to put an end to human faithlessness that leads to revival. How? God would inhabit His people. God would manifest Himself in the lives of His people, putting and end to faithlessness. The Holy Spirit in the lives of the people would keep them faithful. And without faithlessness there will be no need for revival.

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