Sermon 12/11/2022: The Mirth of Christ: Rise Up!

Listen Here: The Mirth of Christ: Rise Up!

Luke 1:46-55; James 1:1-5; 5:7-10

God is a farmer. He's Raising a crop of spiritual fruits in our lives. Is God just farming you and me? St. Paul’s? Christians? He planted Jesus in this world, and His "Christ crop" is growing. There are good seasons and bad seasons. God’s crop of spiritual fruits is destined to dominate the world. And that’s a good thing because God is good! Christ’s mission is to change the character of humanity to reflect/reproduce the character of Jesus. His goal is to reach the whole world, every nation, every person. He's still working on it. No one is unreachable. God’s specialty is changing hearts and minds.

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