Worship – March 20, 2016 – Palm Sunday

Worship will be back in the Sanctuary this Sunday – construction is complete!

“Internet Easter”

Internet Easter

In “Internet Easter,” two Sunday school leaders hold an Easter Celebration for the children of the church.  They quickly realize that all of the popular symbols of Easter, like eggs and bunnies, don’t have much to do with Jesus at all!  With the help of internet whiz kid Maggie, the leaders and the children use their collective knowledge to piece together what really happened when Jesus died on the cross and rose again.

God is Love

He came to earth with a message of love,

and he nurtured it with every deed from healing

to forgiving.  So there could be no doubt

of his example, he proved his love upon the cross.

He also proved that love is the only lasting force

in the universe.  We take it with us from this life to the next,

and the more love that is harbored in our soul,

the greater our light will shine in eternity.

The wonderful thing about love is –it’s free,

and the more we give away, the more it comes back to us.

Sunday School:
10:00 – 11:00 AM – in the Parish Hall Lower Level. A Children’s Church program is available weekly on Sunday mornings.

Nursery Ministry:
10:00 – 11:00 AM – in the Parish Hall Lower Level. Available every Sunday morning during the worship service.

Sunday Morning Worship:
10:00 AM – in the Parish Hall. Join us today as the children of the church present their Easter Pageant “Internet Easter.”



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